Term 3 / news reporting

This term we have been using Green Screen technology. Using news reporting as our theme. We have been learning about the reporting types and how to interview witnesses to get the best type of interview.

We have incorporated literacy by talking about open and closed questioning as well as watching news reports to gather evidence for a successful report.

Once our stories were complete we used iPads to record the anchor, reporter and witness statements. The following video show the students using the green screen to film the anchor behind the news desk.

Check back for final cut news reports…

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Well the first week has been and gone ! And I can confidently say that the new look ICT room has been very well received. Wow, awesome & sound are just a few terms used by the students.

It feels like it has lifted the whole spirit of the students when using ICT, so I can definitely say Mission Accomplished. I now look forward to many exciting lessons using all our new kit.

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Springfields goes on air

Springfields Academy went on air today having their very own academy radio Station. Hannah Dibb, the teacher behind the new DAT – digital Audio Technology curriculum , has set up a fantastic radio station within the new music building.
Today in assembly we had a live feed from the station to the assembly hall, where students took to the mic and delivered a short radio session.
A competition is now running to find a name for the station. All suggestions will be posted in the provided boxes on units.





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The refurbished ICT room

Well it’s ready ! Thanks to key staff members the ICT has had a makeover! Not quite 60 mins more like 60 days but we are finally there.

We have tried to offer a fresh innovative room with learning zones and different areas of technology.

Let us know what you think !





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ICT room

Well it’s nearly done! Carpets down sofas in place units in place. New computers and printer being delivered next Tuesday. Just desks to make and chairs to order.
No more photos until its completed. Exciting times as some great projects being organised for the new room. This room will be an innovative learning space for all students ( and staff ) with different learning zones.
Friday 31st look back for the photos of the final touches.

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Time to reflect

Having these last few weeks has given me the opportunity to reflect on New Technology and how it has had an impact on our students over the last year.

When I first got my own iPad and started using it in some Science lessons and ICT projects with the primary students, I never realised how those few lessons could, and have inspired and transformed the use of New technology in my lessons.

The first bone of contention on everyone’s minds was downloads, Wi-fi and compatibility with our proxy settings. Admittedly we started with a class set of iPads and a case of 20 iPods, so we were not trialling on a huge scale but still it was a new concept and making it work from day 1 was the most important part.

I was able to have complete control of the pads and offer a wide range of uses throughout the curriculum. The Wi-fi was rarely a problem and proved sufficient for our use. The proxy settings once inputted we’re fine and gave us the security of our SWGFL. The Apps, especially with the iOS 5.1.1 upgrade back in March and the launch of the cloud on the devices made it particularly easy to download to all the pads & pods without taking up too much time.

The iPad has been an integral part of my teaching now. Not only the Apps available in all subject areas, but as a great tool for research, photography and movie making. It has become one of the most versatile pieces of equipment I have used.

The most exciting part of this progression is keeping up to date with the latest apps. The latest and probably the most exciting app to date has to be nearpod. I can’t wait to get back and start the next exciting stage of teaching with iPads. Everyone I spoke to wanted communication with all pads together whiteboard communication without cables…. This is now all reality thanks to nearpod!

I have transferred my powerpoints into pdf’s and uploaded them onto nearpod teacher and so now I am able to communicate, watch and interact with every single student and their pad creating a virtual and extremely interactive experience. The best bit is all Q&A and polls are collated so I also have evidence of learning.

Thank you nearpod!



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Coming along

The room is coming along. A Green screen has gone up on one wall and the splash of Orange has separated the learning areas.

Next step carpet, then furniture

A huge thank you to Mr Sampson, Mr Portlock and my kids for helping create what will be a great learning space




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